Code Of Ethics

I’ve come across other blogs and websites where the authors committed to a Code of Ethics, so I decided to do the same. I have no intention, right now at least, in becoming a professional journalist. I write here because I want to inform and educate people who are curious about the aerospace industry, and it’s a challenge for me since the industry is so dynamic. However, I have come across some situations when I face some of the same challenges that a journalist deals with, and those situations have taught me some lessons. Therefore, I think it’s important to have a Code of Ethics to remind myself of my responsibilities and to be clear with my readers.

The StengelAngle Code of Ethics

  • I will conduct thorough research for my posts, and when the data is readily available, I will conduct a thorough analysis to back up my views.
  • I will do my best to be as transparent as possible with my analysis, and I will not attempt to hide or manipulate information that would otherwise paint a different picture. I will also provide a source for all of my data and figures.
  • If I cannot confidently explain a certain phenomenon or concept, I will provide the proper source of information that can explain it. However, I will also question the true motives of any source.
  • I will not plagiarize. If I write an article similar to one I’ve read, I will cite the original source.
  • I will make my headline AFTER I’ve done my research, not before.
  • If I discover an error in my articles or a case in which I’ve violated any of the above guidelines, I will edit the post and clearly mark the edit.

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