8 comments on “Oil, Training, & Globalization Part 1

      • Yeah, but what are your professional goals, Mike? Are you headed to grad school? You express such a broad perspective in addition to engineering. I could imagine you getting a Masters in economics. Or prsuing your doctorate with an eye toward teaching.

      • My plan right now is to go to work after graduation for at least a few years, then I’d consider returning to school for an MBA or other advanced degree. We’ll just have to see where I am in a few years and what opportunities present themselves. I’m currently looking at jobs for post-December, so I’d rather not comment right now on where I might end up working. I’m excited and also keeping an open mind to the possibilities!

      • I am still flying. I’ve maintained my flight instructor certificate (not really using it, but keeping it valid) and I’m flying once or twice a month. I hope to make a trip somewhere with friends before school starts back up.

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